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* Organization/Company Name: 
* Event Name: 
* Event Representative Name: 
* Address Line 1: 
* Address Line 2: 
* City: 
* State: 
* Postal Code: 
* Phone Number: 
* Email: 
* Confirm Email: 
* Is your organization a non-profit 501(c) (3): 
If Yes, Tax ID #: 
* How long has the organization been in existence: 
    How long has the organization been in existence
    Please provide response in years
    How long has the event been in existence
    Please provide response in years.
* Date(s) and time of event/program: 
Rain Date(s): 
* Event Location: 
* Tell us about your event: 
  What is the purpose? How will it benefit the community?
* Please provide details about your audience: 
* How many people are expected to attend: 
How many attended last year's event: 
* What age group is the event targeting: 
* What income level is the event targeting: 
Where are the attendees coming from: 
* Is your event a fundraiser: 
* What organization is the beneficiary: 
* How much money was raised last year: 
* What is your expectation for this year: 
* How is the money used/distributed: 
* Is this a ticketed event: 
If yes, please provide additional information: 
  Please include prices, distribution, outlets for purchase and on-sale date.
* List other event sponsors.: 
  Please indicate if they provide case or in-kind services.
* Do you plan on purchasing any advertising: 
* How will we receive recognition from your event: 
  Banner or signage displayed
  Logo or brochures
  Mention in radio spots
  Mention in press release
  Tickets to event
  Table at event
  Logo on Tickets
  Ad in the event program
  Logo on invitation
  Logos on posters
  Logo in television spots
  Opportunity for a booth or kiosk at event
  Opportunity for a distribution of Argus Leader Media products
  Opportunity for a columnist or participant as event host, emcee or presenter
  Opportunity to include an item in a goody bag
  Other (please describe below)
  Please check all that apply.
Please describe other options: 
  If applicable
* Is anyone a Gannett Employee: 
  Is anyone on your board of directors, advisory board or planning committee an employee of the Gannett Corporation, The Argus Leader or any of its affiliates? If so, who and how is that person involved?
If so who? 
* Has the Argus Leader sponsored your event before: 
If yes, please list them: 
  Include the year, amount and program.
Have you read and understood the sponsorship guidelines? If you agree and adhere to all policies please submit your application below. We will notify you within 30 days if your request has been granted.
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